Weber portable barbecues


The name Weber is synonymous with quality in the barbecue world, and as the inventors of the first lidded kettle barbecue, it is no surprise that they lead the way when it comes to portable barbecues.

Whether you are on a camping trip, relaxing at the beach or out for a day in the countryside, you're going to be working up an appetite and there is no better way to satisfy it than lighting the barbecue and cooking a few tasty delights!

If charcoal is your preferred method of barbecuing, then you have a choice of the Smokey Joe and slightly larger Jumbo Joe kettle style barbecues, or the compact Go-Anywhere that is new for 2014. All of these barbecues have lids to help circulate the heat inside the barbecue, cooking your food to perfection and keeping the sand off your steak! As the lids of all these barbecues can be locked in place when you carry them, there is no need to clean them out before you get home.

When it comes to barbecuing with gas, you could opt for the Go-Anywhere Gas which has the same size cooking area as the charcoal version but boasts the added convenience of push button ignition and uses a small disposable gas canister. If a slightly larger barbecue is required, the Q1000 that can cook for up to 6 at a time, may be what you are looking for. One 445g gas canister will give you up to 5 hours cooking time, which should be enough to keep any barbecue chef happy!