Jotul F105 Production Line

When Norwegian stove manufacturer Jotul, showcased this image of the new Jotul F105 coming off their production line, it was clear to see where the comparison with the infamous Star Wars stormtroopers came from. However, far from being a fictitious concept the Jotul F105 stove, little brother of the award winning Jotul F305, is an impressive reality, and has just landed in our showrooms.

The distinctive design elements of the stove include a large horizontal glass door offering a great view to the fire and an intuitive air control that makes it very user friendly. Add to these the options of traditional legs or a base, a black paint or maintenance free white enamel finish and a soapstone top, and you can see why this is a wood stove that stands out from the crowd! 

Jotul F105 SL Stove

Designed with the UK market in mind, the Jotul F105 is created to perform optimally from just 2.2kw, right through to 6kw, with a nominal output of 4.5kw. The combination of radiant and convected heat make it easy to position and ensure a pleasant room temperature, whilst its DEFRA approval makes it suitable for installation in a smokeless zone.

This compact, modern stove is sure to impress, but don't just take our word for it. Seeing is believing, so call into our showrooms and decide for yourself whether the Jotul F105 is out of this world!