Have you heard about the new Nexus range cooker from Rangemaster? Well you can now see it on display in our showrooms.

Rangemaster Nexus 110 DF Slate

This contemporary style cooker will create a stunning focal point in your kitchen. Its distinctive features include the ultra modern rotary controls, that are made from diamond turned aluminium for durability. Not only do they offer a more ergonomic feel but they also provide a firm grip thanks to the rubberised 'o ring' design.

A unique feature of the Nexus is a bread proving drawer, which is a major boon for all those avid bakers out there. The drawer enables a controlled, warm environment, operated by a simple on/off switch, and has slots in the base that allow warm air to flow in and prove all sorts of dough perfectly. An added bonus of this feature is that when not in use, the drawer can be used for storage.

To appreciate the full range of quality attributes that the Nexus range cooker offers, call into our showrooms and take a look for yourself!