On 4th March 2015 Rangemaster produced its millionth cooker, a Nexus 90 in Gold, and to celebrate in true Willy Wonka style they have placed a golden ticket in all the cookers produced on the same day.

Rangemaster Nexus 90 Gold 

So should you take delivery of a new Rangemaster cooker before 29th May* you will not only be the proud owner of an iconic Rangemaster cooker, the first one being made as far back as 1830, but you could also find a golden ticket giving you the chance to win a wide range of prizes including a full refund for the price you pay for your cooker, factory tours, extended warranties and Rangemaster cookware.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the the next Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde or Charlie Bucket will be a Bywaters customer. Good luck to you all!

*the last day of competition entry