Award winning Danish designers, Harrit and Sørensen have delivered a playful design with innovative features in the Scan 66 series of stoves. The organic shape creates a beautiful frame around the fire and the view to the flames is maximised through the use of a glass log retainer. A stay cool handle in frosted glass and matching air controls set off the contemporary look.

Scan 66-3a


There are four options available for these DEFRA approved stoves.  The Scan 66-1 features a discrete wall fitting, giving the impression that the stove is floating against the wall, whilst the Scan 66-2 has an elegant pedestal base that fresh air can be led through. The Scan 66-3 (pictured) has a see through prismatic base, which gives lightness to the stove’s design - the base comes with decorative silicon inlays in black and white that can be easily exchanged to match your style. The final model is the Scan 66-4 with rectangular base that the stove appears to float above, giving the effect of weightlessness. Come and see for yourself, as we now have this model on display in our showrooms. 


As the Scan 66 series of stoves have just achieved the accolade of “Best Heating Product 2014” at the Build It Awards, you are safe in the knowledge that these truly are stoves of distinction!