Which Jotul Outdoor Fireplace Would You Choose?

Jotul Loke outdoor fireplace

Jotul have been crafting wood stoves and fireplaces for more than 160 years, so when they introduced their range of outdoor fireplaces a few years ago, you could be assured that their expertise would result in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing product.

These fireplaces can be kept outdoors all year round as they are manufactured from Corten Steel, a robust material whose modern oxidised surface creates a rustic effect whilst protecting the fireplace from the elements. All you have to do is choose your favourite Jotul outdoor fireplace.

  • Jotul Froya with its generous fire bed and distinctive curve appeal
  • Jotul Terrazza with its large opening for a great view of the flames and optional grill grate
  • Jotul Terrazza XL, that is 42cm taller than the Terrazza, giving a raised view of the fire
  • Jotul Loke with its handy log store, elevated flame picture and optional grill grate
Jotul Terrazza XL Outdoor Fireplace

There is no denying that whichever fireplace you choose, it is sure to take centre stage in your outdoor space, creating a warm inviting atmosphere in which to entertain family and friends, regardless of the temperature outside.